Hedonistic Models was founded in San Francisco in 2008 and is now largely regarded as the fastest growing and most respected modeling agency not only in the California, but in the Gulf region. Hedonistic Models is operated and managed by a team that have lived and breathed the industry and therefore are able to use their experience to offer a personal touch and a high level of quality to be able to service the most discerning clients.

 Hedonistic Models has a vast network with special working relationships with some of the best modeling agencies in the world. Through this network, we have set up an international scouting network and are therefore able to bring the very best raw and also experienced talent to the Middle East.

Hedonistic has launched the careers of some of the best young faces in Paris and Milan this season and will continue to do so in the coming seasons. Our models have graced the covers of high-end magazines worldwide bolstering the models’ portfolio and enriching their modeling experience.

We pride ourselves on continuously discovering and introducing new talents, as we as an agency are dedicated to delivering innovative notions to the California and spicing up the region’s diversity.

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